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Plastic Handle Cutting Saw

Plastic handle cutting saw is a professional hand saw, suitable for cutting small branches, cutting boards, etc. The saw teeth are professionally toothed and polished, very sharp, and small and easy to carry. It is one of the daily essential tools

Product Features

Lightweight and easy to carry
Good quality and low price
Variety of styles

plastic handle cutting saw 2

Product Parameters

Product specifications Box gauge Qty
400mm 52*45*36 72PCS
450mm 52*45*36 72PCS
500mm 52*45*36 72PCS

Application and After-Sales Service

Application:The wood,The branches of the tree,Green plant etc.
After-Sales Service:If the product is found to have quality problems after receiving the goods, we guarantee to provide you with satisfactory after-sales service.(Except for product quality problems caused by customers’ own factors)

Product Process

The product has undergone a series of cutting, polishing, and painting by professionals. The blade is sharp and not easy to rust.

precison machining

process flow


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