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Universal Adapter

The adapter can be used for all kinds of water pipes and faucets. There are 4-tap water connection, 6-tap water connection, 1-inch water connection, as well as washing machine adapter and water pipe repair connector. Please contact me for details.

Product Features:

1. Integrated, water tight, fast and portable installation
2. Engineering plastics have good rigidity, high impact strength, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
3. Connect multiple water pipes to solve the problem that the water pipes are not long enough

Product Parameters:

Name: Water connection of connector accessories
Product material:ABS、PP

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applications: Home gardening, agricultural production, public green space, horticultural production
After-sales service: If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact me in time, and we will give you a satisfactory after-sales service

It can be purchased with accessories such as water connection, easy to use.
Injection molding, manual assembly, professional quality inspection, quality assurance.

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