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Yellow Large Trident Sprinkler

This automatic rotating sprinkler can rotate 360 degrees to spray a distance of about 5-10 meters, with direct and oblique angles, and the spraying range is wider. The rotary sprinkler is designed with a streamlined base made of ABS material, making it obedient to the ground, stable and convenient to use. Multiple series can also be used, one faucet can irrigate more range.

Product Features:

1.   Plastic large three-prong garden sprinkler with ABS streamlined base.
2. 360 degree automatic rotation, the spray diameter is about 5-10 meters
3. Portable water inlet, can be connected to the European connector, can also be connected to the US connector
4. Ultrasonic welding water outlet beads.

Product Parameters:

Name: Three-pronged sprinkler
Product material:ABS、PP
Packing quantity: 50/carton
Product size: 25*20.8*10cm
Net weight: 230.3g
Outer box size: 58.3*43.5*44,5cm

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applications: Home gardening, agricultural production, public green space, horticultural production
After-sales service: If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact me in time, and we will give you a satisfactory after-sales service.

It can be purchased with accessories such as water connection, easy to use.
Injection molding, manual assembly, professional quality inspection, quality assurance.

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